Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) is a cooperative ministry comprised of 10 ELCA congregations in the Pittsburgh area.  The purpose of PLUM is to provide pastoral support and joint activities shared by the member congregations.  The member congregations share in financial support of the pastoral staff and in joint worship/outreach/fellowship activities - yet they maintain their independence and individuality as they minister to those in their respective communities.  PLUM provides a means by which small, struggling or pastor-less congregations can continue to exist and minister to their communities.  It is hoped that PLUM can be a model for other churches who need a way to survive while rebuilding their congregations.
PLUM Clergy: Rev. John Gropp, (SWPA Synod Bishop Rev. Kurt Kusserow)Rev. Melba DibbleRev. Beth SiefertRev. Paul Koch
Rev. John J. Gropp Rev. Melba T. Dibble Rev. Beth L. Siefert Rev. Paul F. Koch
412-466-8644 412-212-8794 412-279-2281 773-848-1470
Feel free to call or contact ANY of our pastors!  Each of them is an ordained pastor and they all can help you. 
Each of our pastors has many years of wisdom and experience!  However, each has slightly different skills and abilities.  If the pastor you first contact feels that your problem or concern may be better handled by one of their fellow clergy, then he/she will help you to get in contact with that other pastor.



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