St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

We will deeply miss our dearly departed Church President and beloved Sister in Christ..

Jill Shook
3/9/47 – 1/27/21
Jill Shook’s chosen avocation prepared her well for a lifetime of Community Service. Jill was a schoolteacher primarily for Kindergarten children in the Canon McMillian School District.
Her bright smile was pleasing to the eye and signaled warm friendship. Given the age of her students she was focused, organized and firm in the direction she wanted to lead these students. Jill also carried these traits forward in her many years of Community Service.
At St. Paul’s, Jill was very involved in our church through out the years. Over these years Jill served in many capacities. Not surprising Jill was a Sunday school teacher, a member of the choir, church secretary, a member on various church committees such as the Call or Internship committees, Treasurer, Council member, Vice President of Church Council and in 2010 elected as Church Council President. I am sure her mother Amelia or affectionately known as Molly, would have been very proud of her daughter. Molly passed away the year before in 2009.
In addition, Jill was our contact with our Synod. Jill served on many Synod committees and interfaced with the Bishop’s staff on a regularly basis.
Jill was quite busy and enjoyed nearly every minute of her service to our church.
Mathew writes in Chapter 5 Verse 16 the following:
“So do not hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others, so that the commendable things you do will shine a light on them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.”
So therefore, we do praise the Lord for the gifts bestowed upon Jill, our sister in Christ. For truly Jill was a light here at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

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